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8506 East 450 South, Southeast Hancock County


Driving from the west (Detailed map)

Driving from the east (Detailed map)

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Directions from Greenfield, Indiana 

1.  If you are arriving on I-70, take the Hwy 9 exit south
2.  Drive south on Hwy 9
3.  Turn left on Hwy 40 (at the stoplight in front of the courthouse)
4.  Go about 4 miles past the downtown Greenfield area
5. Turn right (south) onto 600 E
6. Drive just slightly more than 3 miles south
7. Turn left (east) at 300 S, it is a 4-way stop
8. As you are driving east, you will pass 700 E. Don’t turn there, but just ahead is
Binford Rd.
9. Turn right onto Binford (its an angled road) – you’ll be driving to the southeast
10. At the 4-way stop, turn right (south) onto 800 E.
11. Drive south.  There will be a 4-way stop at 400 S, proceed straight thru.
12. Half a mile later you’ll find 450 S.
13. Turn left (east) there.
14. Drive another ½ mile and you should find our place on the left side of the road.  
15. Drive up the driveway honking and don’t run over any chickens please.